Supermarket Heroes 500

Supermarket Heroes 500: Originally called the Food City 500, the name was changed to the Bristol-Supermarket 500 to pay tribute to grocery store workers and all that they have done throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Here is How To Watch Supermarket Heroes 500 Live Streaming Online.

Catapult has launched a new feature to track the proximity of athletes to each other during training. Soccer teams in the Bundesliga and English Premier League are using the new social distancing feature, according to the company.

Proximity reports can show how much time each athlete wearing one of Catapult’s GPS devices spends near others also wearing the tracking devices. Catapult claims that analysis of previous data shows players only spend an average of just over three seconds in close proximity to one another. That matches the number rival STATSports also reported. (According to the Daily Mail, STATSports is working on a similar solution for EPL clubs.)

“According to studies, this is much lower than the threshold to contract COVID-19, which is reassuring news for teams around the world looking to safely return to training,” Catapult explained in a press release.

Catapult also plans to track distancing for rugby, basketball, ice hockey and football teams in the coming weeks. More than 3,000 sports teams use Catapult’s performance tracking devices, including Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea FC and teams from Colombia’s top soccer league.

Instead of looking at players, Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt has been using Kinexon’s SazeZone wristband to enforce social distancing protocols for stadium employees during matches.

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